About Me

Hello and welcome to Clare's Cushions, this is the page where I tell you a bit about myself and how Clare's Cushions began. I have always enjoyed making cushions, blinds, curtains and other accessories for my home and have often thought about starting my own home accessories business so when I was furloughed from my job in finance in 2020, I decided to take the opportunity to start up my own business. Having a nicely decorated house has always been important to me and I have spent many hours looking for fabrics and deciding on colour schemes so I have really enjoyed being able to spend more time on being creative and love being able to work on my own business. I like to use high quality fabrics made from natural fibres and most of my products are made from 100% cotton. I am also moving towards using more sustainable packaging which can be easily recycled.
I started out on Etsy but have now moved my shop to my own website and with the help of my mum have diversified into handmade kitchen accessories and other handmade items. Most of my family have helped out with the business in some way with my dad setting up the website, my daughter helping out with social media and my husband being sent on many trips to the post office!
If you work in the crafting or home interior world and would be interested in collaborating, please do get in touch to discuss what we can create together.
All products are handmade in Kent and North Yorkshire.